Friday, April 18, 2008

The Main Soccer Positions?

The positions of soccer players are often misunderstand, especially by people new to soccer. In this article we will take look at the most common positions in soccer. Lets start...

The Sweeper

The position of sweeper requires good understanding for the game. As a sweeper you will be the one that controls your defense. You need also to have good heading abilities.

Center Fullback

Your main task as the center fullback is to stop forwards from scoring. You need also to start offensive attacks by playing the ball safely to your midfielder.

Left or Right Fullback

If you want to play right or left fullback you will need to be fast, react quickly and pose good technique abilities

Left or Right Midfielder

You need to have good passing abilities to perform well on this position. As the left/right midfielder you will have more time and room comparing to your center midfielder. This gives you opportunity to receive the ball without big pressure.

Defensive Midfielder

As a defensive midfielder your mission is to act in front of your defenders. Having good passing abilities is a must on this position. You need always to play safe and to provide your defenders with support.

Central midfielder

If you want to play as central midfielder you will need to pose good skills with the ball. Beside that you need to support your defensive midfielder during your opponent's attacks.

Forward and Striker

The forward and striker are two similar positions where scoring is only thing that matters. Your job is simply to score and you must try to do it on every chance you get in front of your opponents goal.

The Soccer Goalkeeper

Your main mission as soccer goalkeeper is to prevent your opponents from scoring. Beside that you will also need to encourage your teammates.

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